How to launch a new website on-time with a chief guest.

Can be done remotely and without a developer help.

A Successful new website launch is one that will generate traffic to your website and will help your brand move forward in the digital world.

There's a lot that goes into developing a website and launching it.

You've spent countless hours getting your website designed to absolute perfection.

And the day comes when you've gotta launch your website into the wild, you plan to do it in the traditional way you gather your staffs and you got your family and family on a video call to experience this auspicious moment.

You hold your breath and click the "Publish" button.

And nothing happened, No visitors, No Traffic, nothing, not even a spam form submission.

If you fail to carefully strategize your website launch there is a lot of chance that your website might fail to get traffic EVER. New websites have the potential to gain a lot of attention and if you use this opportunity wise you'll be able to drive customers to your website and even make them take some action.

Some of the traditional ways of launching websites are:

  • Spamming your social media account with posts about your site launch.
  • Making Big Announcements a number of times.
  • Spamming other's email accounts with "Check Out Our New Website" text.